Ignacio “Iggy” Diaz


787-565-5197 | idiaz@glenninternational.com

Ignacio Diaz is the Director of Sales and Marketing for Glenn International Inc., based in San Juan – Puerto Rico. He currently directs the three Divisions of Glenn International – Electrical, Lighting, and Telecommunications. He is passionate about energy efficiency, renewable sources, and telecommunications, which he believes them to be imperative towards the development and growth of the Region’s economy and competitiveness.

This same passion is reflected in the products and services Glenn represents throughout the Region, as well as the implementation of these solutions for Glenn’s Customer base. The introduction and development of LED for lighting throughout the Territory has been instrumental for energy conservation and pursuing a sustainable approach for the daily operation of Glenn’s Clients.

Ignacio holds a BS Degree in Finance and MIS, with a minor in Psychology from Marquette University in Wisconsin. Before joining Glenn International, Ignacio worked for IBM and NYNEX throughout several States in the USA.

He has been working for Glenn International Inc. in the Region of the Caribbean and Central America since May of 1991.